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Enabling next-generation oligonucleotide science



 Oligonucleotides Synthesis

  • Fully customizable with synthetic scales ranging from nano- to 10s of micromoles of delivered material.

  • DNA and RNA.

  • Delivered in plates or in tubes.

  • Full characterization (HPLC-UV, LC(HILIC)-MS and OD).

  • Multiple options for purification (Desalting, HPLC, PAGE, etc...)

  • High quality results.

  • PCR primers and DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) supplies.

Custom Oligonucleotides modifications

Custom nucleobase synthesis 

  • Commercial and user-supplied modifications.

  • Multiple coupling chemistries: Phosphates, Phosphonothioates, Phosphonodiamidites,  and more.

  • Ribose modifications and isosteres: 2'-OMe, 2'-F, 2'-OMOE, PNA, PMO, LNA and more.

  • Base modifications: 5-MeC, 5-propynylC, SuperG and more.

  • Oligo conjugations:  Pharmacophores, Fluorophores and Quenchers, Chemical handles, Biotin, Cell-penetrating peptides, etc... 

  • Full synthetic sequence optimization; Competitive prices for scale-ups.

  • From published procedures or as discovery projects.

  • Custom protecting groups.

  • Incorporation into oligonucleotides.

  • Labelled residues.

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